Hello everyone my name is Abdoul Khadre Diallo.

I’m the CEO of Volkeno

Volkeno exists since August 2015 and its mission is to create opportunities for young Africans

and to allow them wherever they are to create jobs, value and solutions to their problems.

Since August 2015, we have trained more than 3000 people in Dakar, in Thies, in Senegal and also in Guinea.

But today Volkeno is growing, it created its first subsidiary last year Bakeli which is a training school in new technologies. It is about to create more but for that we need to leverage funds, we need partners, we need business angels who would like to work with us, advise us and help us grow.

It is for this reason that we decided to open the capital in 2020.

Indeed, we aim to be much more present in Senegal, and to export to other countries such as Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Morocco and why not Cameroon.

We can’t do it without your support, without your advice.

Just to give you some examples of achievements, Volkeno has created a training school in new technologies named Bakeli. It has also created Andu which is an e-learning software that allows young Africans to train on their phones or on their computers without internet.

Volkeno created Tayeur which is a management software for sewing workshops.

And it created Fewnu which is a management software for merchants and neighborhood shops.

Finally, Volkeno recently created Level up which is a product development agency specifically designed for local and international start-ups.

So if you want to join the adventure, please contact us, we will give you more information.